Betsy Hart

Betsy Hart

Betsy Hart is the Director of Programs at the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) at the University of Maryland. Since 1993, she has held several positions at the NFLC beginning as executive assistant to the director and then serving as associate director for many years before assuming her current roles. 

Ms. Hart works with an executive committee to oversee the work of the Center in the areas of planning and development of programs and projects, and the identification of future initiatives that align with the NFLC’s mission. She also directs the STARTALK project to plan strategically to meet the diverse and changing needs of learners and teachers, to oversee the development new and innovative initiatives within the programs, and to collaborate with clients to ensure that that the program is conceptually on track, on time, and meets contractual requirements. She is actively involved in STARTALK outreach activities and disseminates information on STARTALK through national conference presentations and workshops. Throughout her tenure at NFLC, she has worked on the development and implementation of strategic planning, business opportunities, and core funding initiatives. Her responsibilities have included the oversight of center budgets and the management of large, complex government-funded projects. In addition, Ms. Hart has been responsible for the recruitment and supervision of employees, interns, and consultants to staff multi-million dollar Center programs.

Prior to joining the NFLC, Ms. Hart served as a Vice President at Zinder Associates, an economic consulting firm, where she provided management and econometric consulting services to such clients as the World Bank, Statoil of Norway, and the Edison Electric Institute. She launched her career in higher education in Heidelberg, Germany, where she coordinated the scheduling of classes and professors throughout Europe for University of Maryland's University College Overseas Programs.

Ms. Hart holds an undergraduate degree in Education from Marywood University, a master's degree in Business Administration from Boston University, and a post‐graduate certificate program in Leadership and Management at the University of Maryland.

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