Projects and initiatives

  • Dual Language Immersion Logo
    From 2017 through 2019, STARTALK funded an infrastructure project to develop materials and resources to support an ever-growing number of dual language immersion programs.
    STARTALK offers tuition-free language learning courses for students and professional development opportunities for teachers in critical need languages and free resources for teachers of all languages.
  • PEARLL Logo
    PEARLL seeks to create a common vision for high-quality world language learning and develop new models of professional development and support materials for language educators.
  • Portal Logo
    A free resource with over 15,000 items in more than one hundred languages and dialects.
  • TELL Logo
    The TELL project empowers educators to take charge of their professional development toward effective world language teaching, through products and processes just for language teachers.
  • Advanced Language Courses
    The NFLC offers customizable Advanced Language Courses for Government Service that range in length from 45 to 150 hours.
  • Scenario Designer
    A desktop application to build, deliver and score multistep tests that can incorporate audio, video, images and text prompts